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Wirnik wałek uszkodzony brak smarowania wtryski łożysko zatarte brudne od zgrzanego oleju

Breaks in oil supply or lack of oil even for a few seconds during a high rotating speed leads to very significant damages of all bearings and a turbocharger roller visible in a form of dark violet discolorations and deformations caused by high temperature occurring as a result of friction.
- performing assembly of a turbocharger without prior filling of the lubrication system
- defective oil pump
- obstructed pipe supplying turbo with oil (too big folds)
- using a turbocharger in a slanted position.

Wytarty wałek i bierznia łożyska

Contamination of engine oil leads to damages of a turbocharger caused by technical wear of its track and bearing (deep scratches). The reasons of oil contamination are:
- technical wear resulting from engine’s usage
- substandard engine oil
- bad quality or stuffed oil filter
- engine’s oil channels not cleaned after a general repair.