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Nowadays, almost every inner-combustion engine is equipped with a turbocharger, which unfortunately like many mechanical sub-assemblies, can break. However, not each damage is a result of a construction defect in a turbocharger or long “run” of an engine. A substantial majority of damages is a result of a bad or not proper usage of a vehicle equipped with a turbocharger or lack of proper care in respect to an engine – infrequent changes of oil and filters (air filter, oil filter).
Below we present the most common reasons of turbocharger’s damages.

Śmigła koła kompresji uszkodzone turbo

Damaged compressor wheel of a turbocharger caused by foreign matters in the rotor`s housing or compressor wheel, are visible at once. An air inlet needs to be inspected during assembly of a turbocharger. It also applies to tightness of pipes and the state of air filter whereby air is distributed to the turbo. It is not recommended to use a turbocharger in such condition as there is danger of losing balance and also due to a loud “whistle of a turbocharger”.

wypalony wałek i zmienna geometria łopatki vtg

Damages of a turbine’s roller are caused by foreign matters that get into its housing. That sort of damage can be caused by pieces of:
- a glow plug (ignition plug)
- a valve
- a valve’s side guide
- a piston ring
Another reason includes burnings leading to overflowing injection or fuel pump, where the fuel-air mixture is burnt in the turbocharger’s housing.